DIAMS classic

DIAMS classic: the comprehensive IP management software on a client-server basis

DIAMS classic has been a success in the IP arena for 15 years now, supporting all administrative tasks of IP departments across the globe. DIAMS classic accompanies the entire lifecycle of an IP asset from filing, prosecution up to controlling. The user interface allows you to autonomously create and maintain your intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, designs, etc.). Being very intuitive, user friendly and easy to install, DIAMS classic is the preferred IP software for thousand of firms around the globe.

Each of our individual software modules can be configured to your company’s unique requirements. Furthermore, companies can also link all their intellectual property rights to license agreements, oppositions, infringements and other IP matters. DIAMS classic will also automatically calculate due dates based on each country Dennemeyer has listed or according to the rules stipulated by the client. Most important, the DIAMS classic database is compatible with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Maximum data protection and security requirements are implemented on user level.

We are continuously staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, operating systems and office products, to ensure that DIAMS classic is constantly updated, improved, and fully supported as one of our premiere platform software services. Moreover, we provide training and support for all our software solutions either on-site or online. Our highly qualified, multilingual specialists assist you via phone and e-mail. In addition, our “Software Portal” (in the “Online Portal” part of our website) offers unlimited access as an extra layer of service, including software and country law updates.

Please consult our software specialists in order to find the most suitable solution for your IP management needs.

Intellectual Property Management System (software)