Trademark Renewals

Your trademark portfolio
is in safe hands.

Get the most value of your trademarks, be prepared for the ever-changing legal requirements around the world and benefit from the highly competitive rates our renewals services offer. Choose between our two customizable plans, depending on your organization's specific needs.

Our renewal experts are maintaining over 700 000 trademarks in over 200 jurisdictions, and are ready to provide you full-service IP management from a single, consolidated source. You receive regular renewal reminders, with the information you need to decide whether to renew or abandon a trademark.

When you opt for standing instructions, we will handle all renewals automatically when due. Our trademark experts prepare the necessary powers of attorney, declarations and all other required documents ready for signature by the trademark owner.

Standard Renewals
Our most affordable service yet.

Obtain substantial cost savings while taking advantage of the same quality of service we have always provided, thanks to a high level of standardization and automation.

The re-engineered Portfolio Portal is the main point of contact between you and Dennemeyer. It provides secure access to your portfolio information as well as your filing receipts and certificates.

Premier Renewals
Maximum flexibility. No compromises.

Gain complete freedom from the administrative workload of maintaining trademarks, with Dennemeyer supervising every aspect of the renewal process. Our Premier Renewal service includes a vast array of options to make sure our solution readily fits your organization's requirements.

By opting for Premier Renewals, you get all the advantages of an in-house solution, as well as the vast expertise and attractive rates offered by a specialized partner like Dennemeyer.

Optional services
Extend your portfolio's value.

While our trademark renewal packages include all the necessary actions, we also offer related services on a case-by-case basis. Contact our sales team to learn more about the additional services we can provide.

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