Patent Annuities

Patent annuities: Reliable services for patent management

A patent portfolio is one of the most important assets a company can possess. Managing it professionally however, is a task for professionals. Our experts have been making timely patent annuity payments since 1962. Managing over 1.5 million patents, Dennemeyer offers your team reliable support for maintaining your company’s most valuable assets.

Central to our service is the reputable management of patent annuity payments. By continuously investing in state-of-the-art IP management software, Dennemeyer offers integrated services allowing you to minimise risk and efficiently manage your R&D outcomes.

You receive regular payment reminders for your annuities, four months before the due date, containing the information needed to decide whether to maintain your rights. Other reminder dates can be set on request. Reminders can be customized and grouped by patent family, country and/or by patent owner. We offer separate reminders for each of your internal cost centers.

You have the option for permanent payment order, meaning that we make all payments in due time, unless we receive instruction to the contrary. Individual orders are also possible. After payment, we examine the official receipts before uploading to the Portfolio Portal, where receipts are available for your access and information.

Our fee depends on the number of patent annuity payments we maintain on your behalf and on the payment method you choose. It includes all necessary services, regardless of the official fee amount or age of the patent. You can check the status of your patents online where you can download current portfolio reports and more. Of course our team is always pleased to help to be certain you are well-informed.

Upon request, we can take over all patent responsibilities starting with registration, patent management and archiving - securely and efficiently. Whether you opt for a fully outsourced solution, or just want to optimize your in-house patent management, we will tailor our service to your particular needs.

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