IP Monetization

IP rights – sometimes most profitable when sold

To profit from your Intellectual Property assets, you don’t have to manage all of them yourself. Just like any other assets, patents and trademarks can be traded, strengthening overall productivity and profits. Our global network is your access point to the global IP market.

Usually, companies want to protect their patents and trademarks to make sure that nobody else will benefit from them. But, not all inventions or creations are a good fit for an in-house IP strategy. In these cases, Dennemeyer will always help companies monetize their entire patents and trademarks portfolio to its full potential.

There is no reason for sticking to IP assets if they no longer make financial sense. Dennemeyer’s IP Monetization service can be a much more reasonable decision compared to paying for patents or trademarks that you don’t use. IP Monetization provides you with another way of benefiting from your IPR. With our decades of experience and our global IP network, we are able to identify the best opportunities to boost your overall productivity and growth.

No risk for the owner

In most cases, Dennemeyer will not charge the patent or trademark owner for its Monetization Service. So, if you don’t use an IP asset, Dennemeyer will help you assess how you can generate revenues from it anyway.

Short assessment times

After receiving the details of the patents in order, it may only take up to two or three months before we receive feedback from our network.

Global network for best offers

Due to a highly developed network of partners, covering a wide variety of fields, partnering with Dennemeyer maximizes your chance of success in finding a suitable buyer for your IPRs.

Focus on your strategic assets

Unused IP assets create organizational burdens and unwanted costs. Evaluate and clean up your IP portfolio from time to time and allocate your budget on what you really want to develop.

If you have any further questions relating our Monetization Service or you want to send us information about your patents that are up for sale, please send any correspondence to: monetization@dennemeyer.com or call us at
+49 (0) 69 69 59 60-0.

IP Monetization process overview