Online Portal

By accessing the Online Portal via our website you can retrieve up-to-date information about the status of your intellectual assets managed by Dennemeyer, view various types of cost estimates and receive software updates and related country law information for your DIAMS classic account. Our services are supported by different modules of our Online Portal, which offer registered clients dependable online support 24/7: the Portfolio Portal, the National Phase Entry Gateway, the Software Portal and the Recordals Portal.

Discover our Online Portal Modules

Portfolio Portal<br><font size="2">Stay informed around-the-clock</font>

Patent Annuities Module
Dennemeyer’s Patent Annuities Module enables you to review your patent portfolio, perform searches, and create customized portfolios and reports. Furthermore, payment instructions can be easily entered online and sent directly to our experts: whether you would like to give us your pay instruction (“pay”), you would like to abandon your annuity payment (“cancel”), or need further time to think about your decision (“review” or “put on hold”).

Trademark Renewals Module
Keep track of your trademark portfolio and send renewal instructions via our Portfolio Portal. The Trademark Renewals Module enables you to view and perform searches through your trademark-related data and to provide instructions to our experts. Besides, you can always request a status report of your trademark portfolio.

Software Portal<br><font size="2">DIAMS classic updates and more</font>

The “Software Portal” enables you to download recent DIAMS classic updates such as Country Law files, new WIPO forms or general software updates. It also contains various files to support your migration to other back-ends or a new front-end version. Our data management allows us to provide customized hotfixes or other customizations just for you.

National Phase Entry Gateway<br><font size="2">PCT Nationalization cost estimator</font>

The National Phase Entry Gateway is our innovative web service for PCT filings. With vast experience in the IP arena and powered by innovative technology, this portal offers not only one cost estimate for official fees, but three:

Minimal: calculated according to minimum requirements of each country
PCT as published: calculated as per published PCT application
Recommended: calculated as recommended by our IP experts.

You can also receive recommendations on entering national or regional phases based on IPC filing trends. To generate highly accurate cost estimates, our system analyses the claim language, determining the number of claims, independent claims and multiple dependent claims in various languages, such as English, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Furthermore, our National Phase Entry Gateway is extremely flexible. You can use our portal for cost estimates and placing orders with Dennemeyer & Associates, or place orders with our lawyers via your preferred channel of communication such as e-mail, phone, etc. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that we comply with the highest quality standards according to our ISO 9001 certification.

Recordals Portal<br><font size="2">Easy, precise, worldwide quotations</font>

This new web application offers a comprehensive and comfortable environment to calculate cost estimates for the recordal of changes in national patent or trademark registers. As our customer, you can adjust your user account, create quotations, and list and save the quotations you’ve created. The portal enables you to retrieve cost estimates in three easy steps:

1. Register and enter project details
Submit the details of the IP Recordal action and IP type that you would like to create a cost estimate for. You can view quotations for patents, designs and trademarks including application stage, for multiple recordal actions.

2. Configure the IP type combination
Add additional information to your quotation by using the description field, where you will specify the jurisdiction and the number of IP rights concerned (patents, designs, trademarks, etc.).

3. View and save your quotation
The quotation visualization panel displays the costs split by official fees and agent fees, and Dennemeyer’s fees. You can download your Recordal Cost Estimate in PDF form and save it to your personal files.