Cuba – Obama as an opening act

Published on: 05 April 2016 by Dr. Christian Köster, Patent Attorney at Dennemeyer & Associates, Munich

From 20 to 22 March this year, US President Obama visited Cuba. Since 1959 he was the first US President to visit this mother country of cigars and rum. However, the arguably most powerful man on earth was only an opening act. On 25 March, the Rolling Stones played their first ever concert in Havana . One takeaway is that US Presidents come and go - but the Stones stay forever. Another crystal clear message is that Cuba is opening-up.

This détente could certainly develop into a fresh and long-lasting period of improving business relations with Cuba. Exporting companies should therefore start rethinking about their Intellectual Property strategy for the Cuban market. The first question is of course which protective IP rights are available in Cuba. The island state is a member of the Paris Convention and a contracting state of all major WIPO‑administered treaties including the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol (click here for an overview) .

We at Dennemeyer have long-standing contacts with our colleagues in Cuba and are looking forward to play a part in the improvement of the economic relations with Cuba, with our focus in this regard being of course Intellectual Property. But we will also keep monitoring other developments on Cuba. Rumor has it that Sir Paul McCartney will be the next music legend to pay a visit to the Island for a gig. Stay tuned!

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