The costs of publishing European Patent Validations in Morocco

Published on: 19 February 2016

Do you know the costs of publishing a European patent validation in Morocco? Since the beginning of March 2015, European patents can be validated in Morocco according to the agreement between the European Patent Organisation and the government of the Kingdom of Morocco. On February 5th 2015 the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Office Marocain de la Propriété Industrielle et Commerciale (OMPIC) have agreed to fix the validation fee for Morocco at EUR 240. But the exact fees for the publication of a validation have not been published by the EPO until now.

As leading provider of professional services and solutions for the IP sector, Dennemeyer has found out the publication fee prior to its official publication. In short: The OMPIC has indicated that publication fee for a European application or patent will be 1200 Moroccan Dirham - which equals 110.56 Euro (18.02.2016). “This information enables us to provide our clients with full transparency on official fees regarding the validation of European Patents in Morocco,” states Dr. Robert Fichter, Director of Dennemeyer & Associates. “And cost transparency is a matter that has become more and more important as clients are not willing to accept any hidden fees in the global management of their intellectual property any more.”

The complete OMPIC fee structure can be downloaded here.

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