Notes from a cruise around Rio de Janeiro

Published on: 23 October 2015

In order to celebrate our latest office opening in Brazil, we kicked off AIPPI with a morning cruise on Brazil's only remaining ship that served in World War One, followed by a lunch in Confeitaria Colombo, a splendid restaurant boasting over 120 years of history.

Reborcador Laurindo Pitta was built in 1910 in Great Britain. During WWI, she participated in missions countering German U-boats in the Atlantic and near Gibraltar. Until as recently as the 1990's she remained part of the Brazilian Navy. During our tour of the Guanabara Bay on board the Laurindo Pitta, we had the opportunity to not only discover the rich history of the ship, but to also enjoy a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro.

Reborcador Laurindo Pitta

As many sailors would agree, a day at sea has a noticeable effect on one's appetite. After disembarking in Rio's old town, a light lunch was served in one of the most recognizable restaurants in Rio's old town: Confeitaria Colombo, opened in the late 1800s. And although times have changed, the marble countertops, the furniture and the stained glass ceiling still paint a vivid picture of what a good life must have been like at the beginning of the century.

For our 90 guests, as well as for our team participating at AIPPI, this morning event was the first encounter with this vibrant city. And judging from the half sentences we picked up during the cruise and stroll around the old town, it left many hungry for more.

Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Vladimir Anohin from Agency TRIA ROBIT. Known to have a passion for photography (in addition to being an accomplished European and Latvian patent, trademark and design attorney), he was kind enough to act as our official event photographer.

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