Successful anti-counterfeiting measures in Dubai

Published on: 26 August 2014
by Mr. Jan Wrede, Trademark & Design Attorney at Dennemeyer & Associates

Dubai Customs and Police authorities have once more proven to be a sharp sword in the combat of counterfeiting in the UAE. As has been reported by Customs officials, the amount of seizures for the first half of 2014 already amounted to 139 different kinds of products with an estimated value of 3,5 million EURO, including apparel, mobile phones and accessories, automotive spare parts, watches, and sunglasses. In the month of August alone, Dubai Police’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) seized 60,000 fake mobile phones worth € 10 million.

The increasing success is, on one hand, due to the improved training of the inspecting staff, and on the other, owed to the employment of modern electronic means. Here, a so-called “risk engine” has recently been activated, which practically is an algorithm that is fed with data from various resources enabling it to identify suspected shipments with a high level of accuracy.

Dennemeyer strongly encourages its clients to take advantage of the enhanced anti-counterfeiting possibilities and to file their trademarks with the local Customs.