Dennemeyer IP expert gives patent valuation lecture at EPO seminar

Published on: 08 April 2014
by Simona Filote, Marketing Manager at Dennemeyer Group

Patent attorney Dr. Malte Köllner of Dennemeyer & Associates, a renowned patent valuation specialist, held the keynote speech at a seminar (“Patent valuation and commercialization - Making the most of patents for business”) organized by EPO’s European Patent Academy in cooperation with the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI) in Athens, Greece between March 20-21.

The two-day event aimed to provide in-depth training on IPR management, as well as a crash course on IP audit and evaluation tools. It covered various aspects related to patent valuation such as opportunity identification, risk assessment, and business models. Also included were sessions presenting do's and don'ts in patent commercialization, a few real case studies, a series of tools used to support patent valuation, and tips for making patents profitable.