Helping you stay focused on what matters

Published on: 08 March 2014

With so many most of the times unsolicited distractions – text messages, apps, calls – flooding through our smart phones nowadays, many lawyers have trouble concentrating on their work. Dennemeyer is pleased to be the sponsor of the StayFocused App, which has been developed by a group of German students to help people focus on their work or studies by switching off selected features of their phone for a determined period of time.

If you want to work for several hours without being distracted by your mobile, you can set the timer to turn off phone calls, messages and all apps for that period of time. In this case, your phone won’t ring when a call is incoming or you receive an SMS, and at a later time you can of course check your blocked calls or messages.

The app has also a feature that allows you to set such mobile-lockdowns regularly each week. So if you wish to work during the week from two to four in the afternoon, you can create a profile in which you block calls from Monday to Friday from two to four PM. In addition, you can add exceptions for specific people, so you won’t miss any important calls.

The app is free and can be downloaded on Google Play. It is suitable for Android devices. Instructions on how to use the app can be found on the Stay Focused app website.