IP news update: a U.S. snapshot

Published on: 21 February 2014

2013 was an exceedingly busy year and it doesn’t look like 2014 will slow down. From the launches of new gTLDs to the patent reform bill in Congress, the IP community in the United States will be encountering many changes. Here are some highlights from the last few months.

New gTLD protection

With the roll-out of the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), brand owners are still facing concerns over protecting their IP. To help address these concerns, Donuts, the largest registry operator of gTLDs, has created the Domains Protected Marks List (DPML). The DPML provides trademark holders a vehicle to proactively block domain names registered on all Donut-operated gTLDs. This is an additional layer of protection beyond ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse. For more information:

  • World Intellectual Property Review asked Bob Samuelson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Donuts, for more details
  • You can also visit the Donuts page

First New gTLDs open to public

On January 29, the first seven gTLDs - ‘.bike’, ‘.clothing’, ‘.guru’, ‘.holdings’, ‘.plumbing’, ‘.singles’ and ‘.ventures’ – opened for general availability.   On February 5, Donuts  opened seven more for general availability -  ‘.camera’, ‘.equipment’, ‘.estate’, ‘.gallery’, ‘.graphics’, ‘.lighting’ and ‘.photography’. Each week thereafter in the month of February additional new gTLDs will be rolled out for general availability.

The first seven days after general availability of the gTLDs are considered early access and subject to a premium price. From day one through seven, the respective pricing is $12,000, $3,000, $1,200, $600, and $150 for the last three days. After the seventh day, regular pricing will go into effect.

Looking for articles on the pros and cons of registering a new gTLD? This post by Berkens at offers an interesting perspective on the Forbes article, “7 Things to Consider before Registering a New gTLD.”

Need assistance navigating the new gTLDs?  Dennemeyer & Associates’ new Trademark Clearinghouse Service can help.

Supreme Court patent ruling

The Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision, reversing the Federal Circuit, ruling that the patent owner always bears the burden of proof regarding patent infringement. Specifically, the Court held that “when a licensee seeks a declaratory judgment against a patentee that its products do not infringe the licensed patent, the patentee bears the burden of persuasion on the issue of infringement.”

Read more from Stan Gibson at the Patent Lawyer Blog.


In January, the UN launched a new campaign to fight the trafficking of counterfeit goods called “Counterfeit: Don’t buy into organized crime.” This campaign kicked off in Times Square in New York City with a PSA video, “Look Behind.” The goal is to raise awareness of the serious consequences, like funding organized criminal groups and severe risk to consumer health and safety, when buying and selling counterfeit goods.

To read more about this campaign and watch the video, go to the UNODC website.

This global campaign is similar to the national U.S. campaign created by INTA called the “Unreal campaign”. The goal is to raise awareness among young adults, primarily those in high school, of counterfeit goods. Dennemeyer is proud to have participated in this campaign in Chicago last year. Find out more information on Dennemeyer’s involvement with the Unreal Campaign.

Interested to participate in the Unreal campaign like Dennemeyer? Go to INTA’s website for more details.

U.S. Conferences

The first U.S. Dennemeyer Annual Meeting will be held in Chicago, IL from April 9 – 11, 2014. Guest speakers from top companies like Dow Corning and Louis Vuitton Americas will be discussing hot topics in counterfeiting, trademarks, patents and software. The conference is free to attend but seats are limited, so we invite you to reserve your spot today at More detailed information can be viewed on our website.

  • April 9th, Evening: Reception at the Willis Tower Skydeck.
  • April 10th, Full Day: Hot IP topics sessions at the Sofitel Chicago. View full agenda here.
  • April 11th, Morning: Software informational and training sessions at the Sofitel.