Dennemeyer releases its new Recordals Portal

Published on: 30 April 2013

International law firm Dennemeyer & Associates announces the launch of its new Recordals Portal, which enables clients to easily calculate project costs for all types of recordal tasks such as assignments, change of name and address, licenses, etc.

Our new Recordals Portal is a web application offering you a comprehensive, comfortable and highly secure environment to calculate accurate cost estimates for the recordal of changes in national patent or trademark registers. Clients looking for a reliable and straightforward way to estimate recordal costs will appreciate the transparency and precision that Dennemeyer & Associates provides with this new online service. Adding to the other modules of Dennemeyer’s Online Portal – the Portfolio Portal, the Software Portal and the PCT National Phase Portal – the Recordals Portal enables clients to view quotations for patents, designs and trademarks (in application stage or issued), for the following recordal actions: assignment, availability of license, cancellation of license, change of name, change of address, license agreement and company merger.

Similar to the other Online Portal modules, Dennemeyer’s clients can register and use the portal’s features free of charge. The portal allows clients to either list or save their quotations and to manage their user account in a simple, hassle-free manner. Moreover, it is possible to group multiple recordal actions for different IP rights and countries in a single quotation, thus  benefiting a total cost calculation for larger projects such as company takeovers or mergers.

One of the key features which we are particularly proud of is that both law firms and companies will receive the latest official fees checked by Dennemeyer & Associates’ International Recordals Department and by our trusted network of agents, for most Patent and Trademark Offices worldwide. The Dennemeyer service and agent fee is listed separately, allowing genuine transparency of total costs associated to the specific project.

We invite our clients to register online to this service and try out the features of this new portal available at:

Among the benefits of the new Recordals Portal we count:

  • Secure 24/7 online access to Dennemeyer & Associates’ quotation system
  • Automatic retrieval of accurate quotations for all types of recordal projects
  • Swift calculation of project costs in over 180 jurisdictions
  • Cost transparency and retrieval of precise budgets for various recordal projects
  • Project archive and retrieval of all your previous quotations
  • Export quotation in PDF format, with costs split for each IP right type (subtotals) and with estimates of the total project cost
  • Customizable client settings

About Dennemeyer’s Online Portal

The Online Portal is the web-based service of Dennemeyer providing a gateway to the overview of the clients’ intellectual property portfolio. Our services are supported by different modules of our Online Portal, which offer registered clients dependable online support 24/7: the Portfolio Portal, the Recordals Portal, the PCT National Phase Portal and the Software Portal. By accessing the Online Portal via our website clients can retrieve up-to-date information about their intellectual assets managed by Dennemeyer (Portfolio Portal), view various types of cost estimates (PCT National Phase Portal for their PCT applications, and Recordals Portal for Recordal projects) and receive software updates and related country law information for their DIAMS classic account (Software Portal).