Dennemeyer’s Intellectual Asset Management System for Full-Service IP Management

DIAMS iQ is Dennemeyer’s latest innovation in the software solutions area. This web-enabled IP management software combines the most valuable features of both a client-server solution and a web-based application, offering remote access from every location thanks to Microsoft’s Smart Client Technology.

Configure your own IP management software suite by selecting the features and assigning user rights to match agreed confidentiality with this flexible and modular IP software. The various modules – trademarks, patents, designs, and further matters – can be deployed separately or as an all-encompassing package, to allow the most comprehensive intellectual asset management, from invention stage up to prosecution, licensing and other matters. This provides clients with a comprehensive software that is highly configurable, multilingual, intuitive and thereby easy to use. Moreover, DIAMS iQ allows seamless integration with Dennemeyer Group’s services.

Discover DIAMS iQ's modules

Trademark Module

DIAMS iQ’s Trademark Module helps users with the easy creation and maintenance of trademark portfolios. From a trademark profile you can create all subsequent trademark applications with the incredibly easy-to-use Trademark Creation Wizard which supports filings for all national jurisdictions, as well as WIPO, CTM, ARIPO, OAPI and extension registrations. You can also create TM families from multiple jurisdictions all at once.

Patent Module

DIAMS iQ’s Patent Module helps various groups of users maximize their patent management for all kinds of filings (national, EP, ARIPO, OAPI, EAPO, GCC, PCT national phases and national continuation applications). We have developed the following main features: Invention support (disclosure) and Patent Family information, Patent Generation Wizard, Prior-Art Search feature (for patent and non-patent literature, and other documents). Moreover, multiple inventions can be linked to a patent family.

Design Module

The Design Module supports the smooth management of design families. From a design profile, you can set up all subsequent applications with the Design Creation Wizard, which enables filings and multiple design applications for national jurisdictions, international Hague designs, European designs, ARIPO or OAPI, as well as extension registrations. You can also use the Prior-Art feature as well as Country Law Rules for maintenance actions.

Matter Module

Agreements, licences, oppositions, recordals, infringements, searches, litigation or cancellation/invalidity actions are easily and efficiently managed with DIAMS iQ's Matter Module. They are linked automatically to all other IP assets, enabling you to have all information related to your case in one place. You can also manage competitive intelligence data by saving it as other party information.

Swift and reliable search features

DIAMS iQ offers various search options for looking up IP records, companies, any kind of deadlines, or just for reading or extracting documents. The powerful and intuitive search tools, combined with the unique Unicode support and multilingual interface, are major advantages of this reliable IP management software and contribute to the popularity of our product for worldwide users. Use the advanced search feature to search for any field, combine search results, save search criteria, and perform automatic searches.

Comprehensive document management

DIAMS iQ’s Document Management System (DMS) enables uploading and attaching any electronic document/file to any type of record (IP assets, matters, companies, contacts, etc.) or diary item via copy & paste or drag & drop. Moreover, DIAMS iQ supports links to the internet or file server. DIAMS iQ’s document viewer helps users easily browse through documents and directly attach documents from the DMS. Management reports and diaries can be scheduled to be sent via email automatically on a set time - daily, monthly, quarterly or periodically, based on your needs.

Reliable budget management

With the powerful cost-tracking feature, available for all IP asset types, users can assign financial information directly to a case, as well as to multiple assets simultaneously. DIAMS iQ also supports multiple currencies and the related exchange rates, which are regularly uploaded. When searching for financial items, DIAMS iQ directly displays the balance of all returned assets. Moreover, you can receive an instant statistic about the total sum paid for a supplier, or receive access to other statistical analysis tools.

Client-oriented project management

Our DIAMS iQ Implementation Team has extensive knowledge and expertise in efficiently importing portfolio data from almost any other IP management system into DIAMS iQ. Numerous interfaces with other systems allow optimum flexibility and customization options, when and if requested. Our approach is customer and quality-oriented: we support and guide clients throughout all project phases, via phone and e-mail. We also offer the possibility to train your staff - onsite or online.

Powerful reporting tools

DIAMS iQ has numerous built-in reporting options for viewing, extracting and presenting information. It offers four major types of reporting: direct MS Excel export (plus XML), reports with special layouts (PDF, RTF, HTML), Mail Merge forms, and personalized lists. Special layouts or custom reports can be provided upon request. Other highlights include: asynchronous report generation, scheduled reports and automatic sending of reports via e-mail.

Highest system security

DIAMS iQ users enjoy multiple levels of security and authorization, thanks to a 3-tier architecture running on Windows. The smart client is signed with a trusted certificate, while the Internet communication is SSL encrypted, adding an extra layer of security. By establishing several standard security profiles with a clear role designation and management, we guarantee that IP managers can define distinct access roles and thus security types.