Patent Valuation

Accurate appraisals.
Delivered by leading experts.

When you need to place a financial value on your IP assets, Dennemeyer's award-winning patent valuation service provides a comprehensive analysis by Germany's leading legal professionals. Get an accurate appraisal of your patent portfolio delivered in an acceptable time frame, for a competitive price.

Our patent valuation service aims to provide a complete appraisal of your patent portfolio by focusing on seven main criteria:

  • Status
  • Ownership
  • Patentability
  • Freedom to Operate
  • Scope
  • Circumvention
  • Enforcement

By cooperating with Fortune 500 companies, our professionals have acquired substantial experience. Thanks to streamlined processes and high efficiency, Dennemeyer can offer additional benefits compared to the competition:

  • Flat fees
  • Highly competitive pricing, with further economies for large-scale projects
  • Modular approach, tailored to each client
  • Outstanding expertise

Our patent valuation services are overseen by Dr. Malte Köllner. Being a former vice-chairman for the DIN’s (German Institute for Standardization) standard committee for patent valuation, and having already made extensive contributions to the field, Dr. Köllner and his team are uniquely positioned to provide the most reliable insights concerning the monetary value of your patent portfolio.

Contact our Frankfurt, germany office at if you are interested in our patent valuation services.