Flat fee patent prosecution

Making foreign patent filing costs more predictable and manageable with our flat fee prosecution service

The Flat Fee Prosecution Service enables Dennemeyer & Associates' attorneys to handle the entire lifecycle of patent applications in foreign countries for their clients, from filing to prosecution and grant, for a fixed fee per country. The fixed fee includes filing, prosecution, grant, as well as official fees and translations, if required. Benefiting from our worldwide offices and network of agents, each client will have a patent attorney as their single point of contact in their home country.

In a comprehensive in-house study conducted by our Foreign Filing team in Frankfurt, the entire process of international patent prosecution has been analyzed including workflows, communication and costs involved. As a result of this study, new optimized processes for international prosecution have been developed.

Flat fee patent prosecution service logoThese new processes enable the fixed fee charged by Dennemeyer & Associates to be below the average of traditional patent prosecution costs and help clients enjoy significant savings and budget predictability for their international prosecution work. Dennemeyer's worldwide network of lawyers and prosecution experts will ensure the quality of this service regardless of where the client is located.

Our Foreign Filing team has developed a flat fee calculator that is currently being integrated into Dennemeyer's PCT National Phase Gateway, and will enable clients to easily calculate foreign prosecution costs until grant and send their orders online.

Reflecting increasing demand from companies and law firms, our attorneys will serve as single point of contact for clients, supporting them with international filing work surrounding PCT applications as well as Paris Convention filings.

Let our experts guide you through the intricate world of patent foreign filing. Contact our Foreign Filing team at info-ffm@dennemeyer-law.com.