EP Validation

European Patent Validation

You have successfully gone through the prosecution and grant stage for your European patent (EP), but you still have a final stage to complete: national validation. Despite efforts to reduce the burden on applicants to provide translations into several European languages, in many contracting states an EP will still come into force only when validated.

The validation requirements generally must be met within a three month period from the European grant date. Typically, the process involves submission of powers of attorneys, filing translations of the patent specification and claims in national languages, payment of official fees and handling any related documentation according to the local particularities of each country law.

Supervision by a dedicated patent attorney

Throughout the entire process, a single Dennemeyer patent attorney will supervise your EP validation from start to finish, ensuring uniform quality, responsiveness, and ability to react on short notice instructions. With Dennemeyer, you will benefit from competitive fees due to our longstanding, stable agent network along with direct validation in a number of contracting states to the European Patent Convention.

Directly validate in many European countries

Dennemeyer can directly validate European Patents in the following contracting states:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Enjoy local expertise and know-how at law firm standards

In other countries, we cooperate with carefully chosen local counsels selected through a thorough process in accordance with our quality management standards. Necessary translations are prepared either directly by the local counsels or by a translation agency instructed by us, depending on considerations with respect to quality and efficiency as well as according to legal requirements.

EP Validation as part of the European Patent Process

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