Consulting & Seminars

Inhouse-Trainings, Workshops and Webinars on Intellectual Property

For over 50 years clients have relied on Dennemeyer as a service provider in Intellectual Property. The time has come to pass our expert knowledge on to you.

Commitment to quality and innovation, as well as a competitive market require that you make the most of your creative capital, the intellectual property of your company.  Create your own team of experts who know how to deal with the day-to-day topics around your IP portfolio. With our inhouse-Trainings, workshops and webinars, you establish the requisite knowledge base for yourself and your staff. And for any additional support you may need, our Consulting Team is at your disposal.

Our continuing education assists you with keeping your IP know-how in IP up-to-date and to further develop your competence.

With our events, you may choose between:

  • Basic trainings for beginners
  • Advanced trainings for intermediates and experts
  • Presentations & Moderations

Based on current topics and real case studies which we analyze and discuss in small groups and in an interactive learning environment, we provide knowledge for professionals by professionals and support you with developing adequate problem-solving strategies.