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Client-orientation and competence in IP and IT: celebrating 15 years with Dennemeyer’s IP Management Software

Schott AG, an international technology group with over 125 years of experience in the areas of specialty glass and materials, and advanced technologies, has been collaborating with Dennemeyer since 1998. Always an innovator and with a continuously growing trademark portfolio, Schott needed an advanced IP Management Software.

They required a software that was advanced and reliable, consequently Schott chose Dennemeyer as its preferred software provider. This also matched their need for automated, prompt handling of their trademarks from a provider with a proven track record. Schott AG appreciated Dennemeyer’s client friendliness along with the stability of our software. Schott AG was one of Dennemeyer’s first DIAMS classic IP management software clients.

Mr. Wolfgang R. Wentzel, Head of Trademark Department at Schott AG in Germany, commented on the collaboration with Dennemeyer over the years:

“In 1998 we were looking for a professional IP management software to manage our trademark portfolio. Over the years we remained in regular contact with Dennemeyer’s team, who helped us with the most varied tasks, from sending periodical updates and useful country law information, to Helpdesk services and IT assistance. What we like best about our collaboration with Dennemeyer during the last 15 years is their friendliness and dedicated assistance, accompanied by the very short response time and the excellent competence in the areas of IT and intellectual property. The reliability of their service and the continuous support made the decision of switching from DIAMS classic to DIAMS iQ at the end of 2012 come quite natural”.

In 2012, Dennemeyer’s implementation team swiftly and efficiently managed the switch to the Smart Client Technology-based DIAMS iQ, due to our fast and secure data migration tool. Additionally, we trained the Schott AG trademark specialists to manage the new software, including the Trademark Creation Wizard, Trademark Family feature, the search function, the trademark renewals interface and the report and export features, among many other functions. The Trademark Department of Schott was very pleased with Dennemeyer’s support. DIAMS iQ has improved their department: internal workflows improved markedly; processes were also streamlined, mainly as a result of being able to monitor processes such as terms, prosecution and reporting. At the same time, the operational costs were reduced as a result of time savings, and overall company efficiency was augmented.

Are you looking for a software provider that offers both user-friendly products, as well as a client-focused, full-service approach? Contact us to schedule a demo of DIAMS iQ and meet our implementation team.

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