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Below you will find a series of questions frequently asked by customers about Dennemeyer. If you have specific questions related to our company that you’d like to see answered here, please use the form below to send us your questions.

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Where does Dennemeyer operate?

Both the Dennemeyer Group and our law firm Dennemeyer & Associates have their headquarters in Luxembourg. Our Group holds local offices in several countries worldwide (France, Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, US, Japan, Switzerland, Canada), that combined with our law firm’s presence in key locations (Germany, Poland, Romania, US, Japan and Australia) ensures that we are able to offer tailored services and stay connected and responsive to our customers operating in these markets.

Our capability to offer IP services in locations across the world where we don’t have direct presence is strengthened by our network of agents with whom we have long-standing relationships.

Are there any particular countries where Dennemeyer is looking to strengthen its presence?

Over the past few years, we have focused on better understanding and serving certain markets that have responded well to our services, by establishing or expanding our local presence in several countries including Australia, Japan, Poland, and Romania.

In addition, over the past two years we have been strengthening our presence in the Asian market by setting up a joint-venture known as PAN ASIA IP Services Ltd (PAIPS) in Beijing. Our Chinese team is focused on serving our clients’ needs for patent annuity payments and trademark renewals, in addition to all other services and products we offer. In order to continue improving the quality of our services in China, it is important for us to be able to offer a personal service directly on site.

We are continuing to reach new audiences and make our services and products available worldwide by developing new partnerships and opening new local offices.

What actions does Dennemeyer take to continuously improve its quality standards?

We introduced effective Quality Management procedures to plan and conduct and monitor our activity guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • Aiming for the highest internal and external customer satisfaction in terms of quality, delivery time and pricing, providing the best total value in compliance with all regulatory requirements;
  • Achieving on-time delivery of error-free products and services;
  • Applying a continuous improvement approach on a daily basis.

Our ISO 9001: 2008 certification represents our commitment to the high quality standards we apply throughout our work. We are consistently seeking to provide outstanding response time to our customers, enhance our Software Solutions and IT platforms to keep in line with the latest technologic developments, perform data quality checks to ensure data integrity and accuracy, and optimize our internal processes by applying best practices.

Does Dennemeyer have satisfied customers who can provide a reference?

Yes, definitely. You will be able to find a selection of references from several of our clients under the Client stories section of our website, describing the benefits gained from their collaboration with Dennemeyer.

Who are Dennemeyer’s customers?

We serve a wide array of industries across the world, including: automation technology, electronics, chemical, cosmetics, automotive, pharmaceutical, energy, consumer goods, engineering, IP management, and many others.

Our customers range from:

  • corporations owning large IP portfolios, that we support by either increasing profits from their IP assets, reducing costs by outsourcing their IP processes, or saving time by optimizing their operational workflows
  • SMEs, that turn to us for assistance in ensuring a high degree of protection of their IP assets
  • law firms in need of automating their IP management processes by implementing specific tools such as a docketing system.

What is our vision for growing Dennemeyer?

We aspire to become the market leader in IP by delivering state-of-the-art services and setting the industry standard for quality, security, stability and value on a worldwide scale.

Is Dennemeyer currently hiring?

Of course. We are constantly looking to expand our team of skilled professionals, lawyers and assistants with new colleagues who are seeking to start or continue developing a successful career in the intellectual property field or in one of the following areas: IT and software development, consulting and legal assistance. Find out more about our opportunities on the Careers page of our website.

Is Dennemeyer & Associates part of the Dennemeyer Group?

The Dennemeyer Group and the law firm Dennemeyer & Associates are separate entities that complement each other to better serve customers and offer them the full range of intellectual property services. While the Dennemeyer Group’s offering focuses on ensuring reliable portfolio management, innovative intellectual asset management software solutions, and individualized consulting services, Dennemeyer & Associates has specialized in providing legal advice and assists companies with experienced IP specialists and lawyers.

How can I provide feedback or request support?

We would be happy to receive your feedback and to use it for improving our services and products. To send us your requests and comments concerning our offering, please use the contact form available on the Contact page. Alternatively, please contact a local Dennemeyer office using the contact details listed on the Contact page. If you wish to provide feedback related to our website, please use the questionnaire available on the Feedback Survey page.

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