PCT Nationalizations

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With the increasing trend of globalization it is essential to protect your company’s advances in research. The PCT enables you to obtain patents in multiple jurisdictions through a streamlined process. Meet your organization’s requirements by choosing from two main strategies for PCT nationalizations.

What is the PCT?

In a nutshell, the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is a standard for simultaneously obtaining patent protection in a large number of countries. Although a PCT application does not mean your invention is protected globally, it acts as a basis for future applications in PCT member states, called PCT national / regional phases. They consist of fulfilling the local requirements in each jurisdiction you wish to obtain protection.

Premier Nationalizations

Benefit from a no-compromise service by opting for Premier Nationalizations. This option includes Dennemeyer taking full responsibility of your patents during both filing and prosecution.

Your nationalizations will be overseen by a dedicated patent attorney, who also acts as a single point of communication between you and the local agents / PTOs. This approach frees you from a substantial amount of administrative workload, as we collect and consolidate all correspondence and allows for incorporating all your requests. Additionally, our dedicated patent attorney contributes with expertise to streamline the prosecution of the entire application family.

The National Phase Entry Gateway

Our National Phase Entry Gateway creates detailed cost estimates for the jurisdictions you specify and lets you place orders based on those estimates. The quotes include detailed fee breakdowns for every country you select along with estimated translation and service fees.

After nationalization you will be in direct contact with the local associates for prosecuting the individual applications. The Gateway provides two types of official fee estimates:

  • Minimal (official fees according to the minimum legal requirements in the selected jurisdiction),
  • PCT as published (official fees according to the published PCT application).

Based on the WIPO database, the Gateway determines the total number of (independent and multiple-dependent) claims, in order to maximize accuracy. We analyze applications for word and claims count in any allowed language, with Arabic support in development.

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