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FAQs - Legal Services

Below you will find a series of questions frequently asked by customers about Dennemeyer's Legal Services. If you have specific questions related to our services that you’d like to see answered here, please use the form below to send us your questions.

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Which are the jurisdictions where Dennemeyer Trademark Lawyers and Patent Attorneys are entitled to represent clients before the national Patent and Trademark Offices?

We currently represent our clients directly in the following jurisdictions: Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and we are constantly increasing the number of jurisdictions where we work without additional local representation. In all other countries we work with carefully selected local representatives.

Which are the industries in which Dennemeyer’s experts are qualified to file patents?

Our IP experts are qualified to file for you in the following industries, among many others: biochemistry, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, information technology (IT) and telecommunications. Whatever your industry, we are able to provide support in all technical areas.

What is the process a client must follow when validating a European patent via Dennemeyer?

To instruct Dennemeyer or request a cost estimate, a simple e-mail to is sufficient. You will receive our confirmation of receipt within one working day. Dennemeyer will be your single point of contact during the entire process. At the end you will receive one report and only one debit note.

Does Dennemeyer offer PCT nationalization services?

Yes, we do. We nationalize PCT applications in all available jurisdictions.

Are there any specialized services Dennemeyer can provide to facilitate the process of PCT nationalization?

Yes, our new service allows for cost-efficient national phase entry.

What services does Dennemeyer provide related to IP rights infringement?

We assist in detecting infringements (straw-man purchases), we consult the best strategy to defend infringements (injunctions, border seizure, law suits), and we defend our clients in infringement proceedings and raise nullity actions.

Does Dennemeyer offer any services related to patent and trademark searches?

Yes, we provide search services in both the patent and trademark areas (prior art searches, trademark searches, and design searches).

How does Dennemeyer facilitate IP rights assignments and recordals?

Our law firm Dennemeyer & Associates has developed a reliable and easy procedure to undertake IP recordals (for change in ownership, change of name and/or address, entry of licenses, availability of license, mortgages – if applicable and available in the selected jurisdiction and for the respective IP right), featuring the following four steps:

Step 1: All required information is collected and a detailed quote is prepared.

Step 2: We ensure that all legal and country specific requirements for an exact IP recordal are met, and assist you in the preparation of documents.

Step 3: We submit the required documents to the local agents and the corresponding PTOs. Also in this step, our experts create and file client reports along with the client invoices.

Step 4: When the official certificate is received, we forward it to you along with the final report.

What are the services Dennemeyer provides for effective domain name management?

Our law firm Dennemeyer & Associates offers a wide range of services from domain registration until renewal. We are able to define the best strategy in order to defend or recover our client’s domain names, by sending cease and desist letters, negotiating and litigating before Arbitration and Mediation Centers for the resolution of domain name disputes - such as WIPO (.com, .org), The Czech Arbitration Court (.eu, .com) and CEPANI (.be).

How can Dennemeyer help enhance the commercial value of my intellectual assets?

Through IP contracts your intellectual assets can be preserved, enhanced, sold, or licensed, increasing their commercial value. There are several contractual options available that protect your intellectual property rights. Our law firm Dennemeyer & Associates is an experienced partner assisting you in drafting and negotiating optimal IP agreements.

Would Dennemeyer help us outsource our entire trademark or patent management?

Yes, definitely. Dennemeyer has many years of experience in outsourcing IP departments. As a full service provider, Dennemeyer can host the IP Management Software for the client, docket all activities into the hosted software, file and prosecute IP rights, and provide document management.

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