Dennemeyer supporting young talent and innovation

Published on: 21 April 2017

Space, the final frontier! Well, not anymore, because thanks to a group of 6 9th grade students from Brasov, Romania, we will be able to survive in space. Not very soon, but give them some time and they will make it possible.

This year’s NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest for space colonization has seen a great deal of incredible projects. 6000 kids ranging from 7th to 12th grade have battled for a place on the prestigious NASA podium, but only a few made it.

Heosphoros, the Romanian team, has placed on the 1st place for kids in the 9th grade, winning with their space station located in the Lagrangian point L4. The 6 9 graders are all from Andrei Saguna National College, and are coordinated by their Physics teacher, Mrs. Carmen Tanasescu. The kids are: Alexandra Băitanu, Diana Maria Chichernea, Elena Isaia, Iulia Kis, Alexandru Matei Rădulescu and Mihai Alexandru Bîscă.

But it’s a long way from Romania to the United States, where the children are supposed to give a presentation to the world most prestigious minds, meet Nobel prize winners and accept their award. That is why Dennemeyer has decided to support their project and sponsor their trip and presentation to St Louis, Missouri.