New Zealand patent laws changing on September 13, 2014

Published on: 02 September 2014
by Mr. Geordie Oldfield, Patent & Trademark Attorney at Dennemeyer & Associates, Australia

As many readers will be aware, significant changes to New Zealand’s patent laws will come into effect on September 13, 2014.

To avoid certain consequences of the changes, we recommend that anyone with planned, pending or granted patents in New Zealand consider, before this date:

  • entering the national phase of any PCT applications and filing any standard patent applications
  • filing any divisional patent applications from any existing patent applications
  • pre-paying any remaining renewal fees in respect of any granted patents.

We have previously written about the patentability changes which will be generally less favourable to patent applicants and patentees, when they come into effect.

As far as annuities are concerned, fees will become payable every year from the fourth anniversary of filing, and the fees will become payable regardless of whether a patent remains pending. Patentees can save on government fees by having any future annuities paid in advance before the laws come into effect. The government fee savings could add up to NZ$1,300 (€830) over the lifetime of a patent.

Existing clients with New Zealand annuities managed through Dennemeyer’s Patent Annuity Services may contact that group for specific advice on their cases. Other readers may contact Dennemeyer & Associates in Australia and New Zealand for further information.