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IP Consulting

The increasing importance of intellectual property as a driving force of innovation and economic growth worldwide has become central to the modern economy. Therefore managing IP is an intensifying challenge for managers in almost any industry. An active and strategic IP management is essential to maintain or even strengthen the market position and to secure a company’s profitability.

Whether your organization is active in a fast moving sector, or applies mainly mature technologies with limited avenues for innovation, Dennemeyer can help you. Our holistic approach to creative and sustainable IP management will let you design a future for your intellectual property that is ambitious and achievable. Our IP experience, our management and industry expertise will ensure you use the right tools and approaches for the job.

Let’s join forces to achieve IP excellence!


Know the big picture.

  • IP strategy review
  • Strategy development and alignment
  • Technology transfers

See how you compare with your competitors.

  • IP benchmarking
  • Technology benchmarking
  • Best practice comparisons

Know the facts related to your IP assets.

  • Searching
  • Monitoring
  • Infringement potential
Screening and Audit

Transparent assessments from a trusted source.

  • IP Quick Check
  • IP Performance Check
  • Identifying improvement measures
Valuation and Exploitation

Pinpoint the value of your portfolio.

  • IP marketplace
  • Valuations
  • Buying and selling side-support
Organization and Processes

Smooth operations.
Better performance.

  • Workflow optimization
  • Performance improvements
  • In- and outsourcing
  • IT in IP