Automation technology company

How do we integrate different software solutions for managing Patent Annuity Payments?

ABB, a leading energy and automation technology company, places great importance on having its annuity payments paid globally and on time. Dennemeyer has been a business partner of ABB since 1985.

With the merger of the Swiss company BBC Brown Boveri and ASEA into ABB in 1988, Dennemeyer was able to manage an increasing number of its subsidiaries’ patent annuity payments as well. These subsidiaries were located outside of Switzerland. As of today, ABB subsidiaries in the USA, Italy, Finland, Germany, Poland, China and India entrust their annuity payments to us. Some of these subsidiaries partly utilize different software solutions which required that our experts develop specialized tools for data import and export. These companies can now enjoy seamless, error free data exchanges.

Do you have to integrate different software for consistent workflows? We are happy to advise how this can be achieved.