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Coller IP, a renowned IP management company in the UK, was managing its annuity payments internally. Improving efficiency was a company goal. Due to the time-consuming process of patent annuities management, Coller IP was considering hiring more staff, meaning more costs to the company.

After thorough review, Coller IP outsourced its Patent Annuity Payments to Dennemeyer in 2003. In 2010, Coller IP again looked to Dennemeyer to improve efficiency internally and for their clients.

In choosing DIAMS classic - the highly configurable docketing software - the complex IP requirements of companies such as Coller IP are being met. In addition to our docketing software’s flexible functionality, our pricing is highly competitive, and Coller IP and their clients are seeing substantial savings. In addition to using our annuity payment services and DIAMS classic, Coller IP now also uses our trademark renewals services outside of the UK and OHIM.

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