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Make your portfolio more transparent with DIAMS iQ

L'Oreal approached us in 2000 when using a different IP management system. Nowadays, L’Oreal utilizes Dennemeyer's DIAMS iQ IP management software.

DIAMS iQ is proven to be more intuitive and offering more transparency in their portfolio management. Specifically, by using Dennemeyer’s team of experts, an efficient, highly business savvy platform to manage the company's IP portfolio was created.

“Our experience using DIAMS trademark management system has been a very positive one. The system is well organized, user friendly and runs very smoothly. In addition, the level of technical support from Dennemeyer exceeds our expectations.  In the few times we called tech support, the representatives were extremely competent and knowledgeable and walked us through step-by-step until our issue was resolved. Overall, we have been very satisfied with the DIAMS trademark management system as well as the excellent support we have received from Dennemeyer.”

Aries Tabigue, Trademark Paralegal, L'Oreal USA, New York, United States.

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