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Quick response time and reliable services for your IP Recordals

A multinational company holding thousands of trademarks across the globe was looking to outsource its IP recordals activity. Dennemeyer was chosen as a favourite partner as the client needed a reliable and prompt handling of their sensitive recordal projects.

Recordals are a strategic part of brand management which we support. Dennemeyer’s recordal team singularly orchestrates the recordal process for the client's strategic portfolio. Each IP recordal was given particular attention by our IP specialists and handled with a maximum of flexibility and customer orientation, to the client’s great satisfaction. The legal department of the company was extremely impressed and pleased with the speed and accuracy of our recordal bidding process, exclaiming that Dennemeyer were the only company that met both their needs and the required deadline.

In another case, the CEO of the subsidiary of a large multinational company headquartered in Germany, was surprised by the speed with which our team provided all documents needed for assignments in 115 countries within one month from the project start. In coordination with the client’s legal counsel, we removed all bottlenecks and finished the project successfully and sooner than the client expected.

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