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Switching to DIAMS iQ is all about smooth transition and dedicated customer service

NASCAR’s IP portfolio comprises over 1,200 trademarks. NASCAR, a Dennemeyer client since 2006, converted to DIAMS iQ in 2012.

NASCAR’s trademarks were managed in-house with the help of DIAMS Xe. When Dennemeyer launched the DIAMS iQ IP management software, NASCAR was happy to adapt to the new software as this offered increased flexibility and functionality, needed to increase the efficiency of trademark management.

The NASCAR IP department insisted on personally thanking us for the guidance, assistance, and the close customer service provided during the transition period from the old system to DIAMS iQ:

“Working with Dennemeyer and upgrading to DIAMS iQ was almost effortless. The transition went smooth and the team made sure all functionality was operating correctly.  DIAMS iQ has made docketing so much easier. The product is user friendly and the integration with Microsoft software makes the program that much more valuable.  I cannot perform my job without it and it is the best investment our company has made for our portfolio.”

Theresa Sandridge, Trademark Administrator, NASCAR Inc., United States.

Are you considering switching to DIAMS iQ? With the help of our dedicated and flexible IT team, the migration process becomes seamless and hassle-free.

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