Company principles


Quality, responsibility, flexibility, entrepreneurship, efficiency and openness build the foundation of our corporate culture and business philosophy. All Dennemeyer employees are united across geographies and languages in this foundation now and throughout our company’s history.

Placing clients’ demands and needs at the center of our activity, Dennemeyer is dedicated to achieving the highest quality in our work. Competent work is the first ingredient of effective IP management and the source of our outstanding reputation.

We choose to be different from those companies where many levels of management dilute personal responsibility. Our employees assume responsibility for results, take initiative and judgment, and guarantee the confidentiality of the data we handle.

Dennemeyer offers a flexible package of intellectual property services, including consulting options to address our client’s more sophisticated needs. Flexibility is part of our strategy to address change and react quickly to any circumstance.

Innovation and entrepreneurship shape the future. We stimulate innovation for our clients by lifting the weight of IP management from their shoulders; thus, they can focus on the core of their business. In-house we continuously improve our services, updating our IP management software and developing new solutions.

We offer superior value. Our strength is in our efficiency and ability to manage business operations efficiently. We deliver the highest quality services promptly and at reasonable costs.

Open-minded listening to our experts, partners and customers’ ideas is our way of life. We are inspired by a sense of progress in our undertakings. Moreover, we encourage in-house multilingualism enabling us to quickly and effectively communicate and provide services to clients worldwide.