Translating passion for IP into excellence

The Dennemeyer Group and the patent law firm Dennemeyer & Associates complement each other, offering you efficient, high quality solutions for your intellectual property management. We provide both law firms and corporations in many industries with turnkey solutions. As a pioneer in intellectual property for over 50 years, we continue to expand our service offerings, adapting to customers’ needs and requirements.

Efficient and secure intellectual property management is built on several foundations. It requires professional legal advice, reliable portfolio management, innovative intellectual asset management software, individualized consulting services, and experienced IP specialists and lawyers.

  • Legal professionals enabling you to securely file, validate, register and prosecute your IP rights
    At the core of our full-service philosophy stand the IP Legal Services for patents, trademarks, domains, designs and copyrights: from filing and recordals, up to the formulation of IP contracts and representation in office action or litigation, Dennemeyer & Associates assists you in all judicial matters.
  • Maximum security concerning the protection, management and renewal of your IP assets
    Our Portfolio Services team (Patent Annuity Payments and Trademark Renewals) ensures that your patent and trademark payments are made on time with utmost security and confidentiality.
  • Flexible and reliable state-of-the art intellectual asset management software
    Our IT Solutions team provides highly flexible and customizable IP Management Software Solutions to efficiently manage your intellectual assets in-house.
  • Strategic advice and individualized consulting
    Expert advice on re-organizing your portfolio, internal processes/structures, strategy and operations are some of the additional services our team of experienced consultants provide, enabling you to extract maximum value from your portfolio.
  • On-demand staffing
    When your activity reaches peak times or your department would benefit from external help, our “IP Temps” provide experienced lawyers and patent and trademark specialists and assistants to support your IP department.
  • Experienced IP professionals
    Our network of highly skilled patent and trademark attorneys, IP professionals and partners with extensive intellectual property industry background is key to our renowned reputation. Whatever the industry, automotive, pharmaceutical, mechanical, chemical or consumer goods, our experts develop customized solutions in close collaboration with all our clients.
  • Quality assurance
    Dennemeyer is ISO 9001:2008 certified. By applying a flexible project management approach, we enable our customers to efficiently use their intellectual assets and help them lower costs, ensure brand protection and gain competitive advantages.